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If you are interested in attending a cooking class or combined cultural workshop and have questions regarding availability, duration, cost, areas of interest, etc., please fill out the relevant details in the form below. 


Chef Shuji will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner and work with you to personalise your experience depending on your individual needs.

Also, Chef Shuji can be contacted directly via email or phone: 


mobile: +81 90 5636 3669                            

phone: +81 575 22 0128

Deposit and payment information

Due to extensive preparations involved in planning culinary workshops and cultural outings, Shuji asks for a 50% deposit to be paid one week before the workshop's start date. Deposits can be paid via Paypal by following the secure link bellow. The balance is payable upon arrival in Seki in Japanese yen.

Shuji currently accepts deposits and payment via Paypal. Please select the appropriate deposit amount as advised in your booking confirmation email.


Cancellation and refund policy

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, sometimes participants may need to modify or cancel their workshop booking. If at all possible, Chef Shuji will try to reschedule or modify existing reservations to suit both parties.

However, if circumstance prevents rescheduling, deposits will be returned depending on the timeframe of cancellation notice given.

Because each workshop requires thorough planning and purchase of ingredients and suppliesas well as involvement of outside parties and their respective schedulesChef Shuji reserves the right to retain a portion of the deposit to cover out-of-pocket preparatory expenses. 

If cancellation is made:

  • one week before workshop start date; the deposit will be refunded in full
  • three days before workshop start date; 50% of the deposit will be returned
  • the day of the workshop; the deposit will be retained in full

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.