Tokyo Special

Due to growing demand, Chef Shuji offers luncheon workshops held in the heart of Japan's most famous city. Each workshop has a unique theme, but Shuji's signature harmonious philosophy serves as the foundation for each menu. Whether you are passing through Tokyo, or currently living in this bustling city—Chef Shuji's hands-on approach is a great way to familiarise yourself with Japanese cuisine.

Traditional home-style cooking balances aesthetic harmony with wholesome nutrition. Although deeply rooted in tradition, these dishes can be recreated overseas and incorporated into daily meals. Throughout the workshop Shuji not only shares his culinary skills, but also the wisdom of authentic Japanese culinary philosophy—bestowing practical knowledge that leads to improved health and longevity.

A fresh, new menu is offered whenever requested by the participants, but a typical washoku course consists of ichiju-sansai一汁三菜 (one soup dish, one rice dish and three different complimentary dishes). The classes are held in true Japanese style, at a private Tokyo residence with a fully equipped kitchen.  However, the kitchen space is typically Japanese and very small and most of preparation work and actuall cooking are done in the dining kitchen with table top gas stoves. Please check the blog for upcoming workshops or book now if you're ready to start cooking!