Announcement: Launching a new workshop in Tokyo with Master Soba Chef Yoshi on May 25th!

Chef Shuji joins Master Soba Chef Yoshi in a monthly soba noodle making & washoku workshop to visitors and residents of Tokyo. Sign up for the premiere today!

May in Japan is the best time of the year for visitors to enjoy fresh seafood and sansai, natural wild vegetables. Prior to his own washoku workshop on May 26th in Daikayama, Chef Shuji and Master Soba Chef Yoshi Shibazaki are offering a special workshop at Shimbashi Soba Restaurant run by Yoshi and his wife Keiko in Koenji, Tokyo.

In the mid-nineties, Shuji worked for over 3 years as an apprentice soba cook at Sydney’s Shimbashi Soba run by Yoshi & Keiko. Yoshi & Keiko lived in Australia for over 20 years running their soba restaurant. They opened Shimbashi Soba in Koenji 3 years ago.

Chef Shuji offers comprehensive cooking workshops in Seki, the sword capital of Japan, but for those of you who can’t make it out, please join Chef Shuji in Tokyo on May 25th! For more about Chef Yoshi and Shimbashi, visit his website.


**please note that the scheduled menu may change due to the availability of seasonal ingredients

A little more about soba…

As soba (buckwheat) is high in protein, dietary fibre, polyphenols, and vitamins C and P—studies have shown that eating soba aids digestion, fights memory loss and fatigue, strengthens blood vessels, and lowers cholesterol! Adding this healthful, delicious super food into your diet is a sure-fire way to add variety and boost health! 



4:30pm~8:30pm Monday 25th  May 2015


そば処新ばしSoba-dokoro Shimbashi 2-14-10 Koenji-Minami, Suginami Ku, Tokyo, Phone:    03- 3317-7221 


8,000 yen per person inclusive of instruction fee, all materials, kitchen-hand & hire expenses, recipe handouts and tax. Beverages are not included in the cost.


Please send a booking form. If you have questions, please contact Shuji at or at +81 090 5636 3669 or (0575) 22 0128

BYO apron and pen